Summer Supper At Mt. View Orchards

Our summer supper was a beautiful success. Mamas came together for a rare night out and shared a beautiful farm to table meal under 100 year old fruit trees. The weather was ideal, the Sangria was something to brag about, the mountain had an alpine glow, and I didn't sound like a belligerent sobbing fool when I gave a "speech." It was pretty perfect actually. 

That being said, we learned A LOT. A lot, a lot. It was so much work all the way through the day after. However; it was worth it because seeing 50 mothers truly enjoy their night and make new friends in the process, that is something special. I had 3 different women tell me that it felt like they were in a magazine. I had women tell me it was the highlight of their summer. We accomplished what we set out to do, and that was to help connect mamas and give them a beautiful evening out to re-energize and inspire. 


See more images from this special evening in issue one.

Thank you for your beautiful film and photography Jessica Seaman.

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