The Big Chill


Lately I’ve been drinking mushroom tea on a regular basis. It’s quite a ritual: First, I draw a hot bath and add epsom salt. Then I add eucalyptus to my diffuser and dim the lights. I dry-brush my skin and begin to separate myself from the hustle of the day. By the time I sink in, the small bathroom has become an isolation chamber, a rare sliver of privacy. And for this experience, my mushroom of choice is reshi.

This adaptogen is the “chill” mushroom; it’s best-known for calming the nervous system, leading to better sleep. On its own, reishi has a bitter taste, so I’m loving the Mushroom Hot Cacao mix from Four Sigmatic. It’s an upgrade from basic hot chocolate, and I add a spoonful of coconut butter and some almond milk to mine. With salt water up to my chin and a steaming cup in my hand, this mama calms all the way down. It may not be a mystical journey, but it’s definitely the trip that I need.