Another doTERRA friend put it this way: Think of it like this. You can get your food from Taco Bell or you can go to Chipotle. One is wildly more fresh and wonderful without all the additives. Same thing with oils…and with oil? It matters, big time. As EOs are becoming more widely known and used for their benefits & results, more companies are sourcing/ manufacturing/ selling oils the short cut + cheap route with fillers, additives, and concentrated doses of synthetic fragrances and chemicals. Companies are not required by law to write any of that on the bottle. 100% pure does not have to be 100% pure. 

In addition, doTERRA's commitment to environmental and social justice, and the impact we consumers get to make in the growers' lives, families and communities around the world is important and in alignment with our values. It should never be enough to simply make a good product. It's important to do good and share the good, too and we especially need to make sure we are benefiting the communities who need it most. doTERRA does this.